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My VW T5 / T6 (or a lot of other VW models) keeps locking itself

My VW T5 / T6 (or a lot of other VW models) keeps locking itself

So, without us looking at your vehicle and diagnosing it, if it randomly locks itself roughly 20 seconds after you pressed the remote button then there's a high chance that your front door lock mechanism(s) are failing.

These latches have a sensor in them that fails, the job of this sensor is to tell the convenience system that the door is open.

When it fails, it doesn't 'know' the door is open and since roughly 1997 ish, VW's central computer is programmed to re-lock the doors which is what they do.

Result is any of the following:

  • It will lock with you sat in it (NOT a standard feature as some think)
  • The alarm will go off
  • Your keys get locked inside it because you've put them in then shut the door
  • The interior light doesn't work when you open the door.
  • ummmm, lots of other annoying things can happen.

Upshot (once you've had it confirmed) is new door latches.

We sell them, there's LOADS of different versions depending on what specification yours is, the good news is that we can check this and supply 100% the correct one that will fit first time and stop all those annoying problems.

Please head over to our Contact Us page to enquire about these very very common failures.

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