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Golf MK7 water leaks and condensation / frost inside the car

Golf MK7 water leaks and condensation / frost inside the car

We keep an eye on social media platforms and see this almost every day:

'My Golf MK7 keeps misting up'

'My Golf MK7 has ice on the inside of the windscreen'

'My Golf MK7 has water in the boot'

'My Golf MK7 has wet back seats'

and lots of variations on these.


Believe it or not, there's quite a few reasons for this (hint, they're all water leaks).

The rear boot area is the first place to start if you're suffering with any of these common issues above.

  • The rear light seals fail and lets water in
  • The drain tube for the rear handle AKA VW badge gets clogged and water over-flows in there
  • The seals on the rear air vents (hidden behind the back bumper) fail and allow sprayed up road water into the boot.
  • The seals between the door speakers and the door frames fail, and allow rain water in there.

(these are the common water leaks we're aware of, there may well be other areas and we're starting to see issues with blocked drain tubes in panoramic sunroofs too)

These can cause major problems, from a spare wheel well that looks like a mini swimming pool, to soaking wet rears seat and rear carpet.

Luckily, we've done our homework here and have put together kits to remedy these problems.

Rear light seal kits are here

Rear panel air vent kits are here

Rear VW badge drain tubes are here

Speaker foam kits are here


So, if you're having to defrost the inside of your Golf MK7, you're getting loads of condensation or you're hearing sloshing from the boot area, you know where to start.


If only everything in life was as reliable as a...................

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