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It's the same part number (ish) as the one on my car mate....

It's the same part number (ish) as the one on my car mate....

So, you've removed a faulty part from your car / van and there's a number stamped in it (or on a sticker on the side).
You order it from the first supplier Google suggests and a while later it turns up.
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT ? it doesn't work / doesn't fit ?
Read on...........


The reason for the above is simple, the numbers stamped in / stuck on car parts are very often not the ones you used to order replacement parts.

Sometimes it's because the number is a manuifacturing number, sometimes it's a casting code (on metal items) ,somtimes it's a generic number that applies to the main item but not the software inside it (window motors, convenience modules are nightmares for this).

It's dead simple, we GUARANTEE that we'll sell you the right part if you give us the reg' number (UK Cars only) or the 17 digit VIN from your vehicle.

We pay £1,000,000,000,000.99 (+vat) for our digital catalogues every month meaning we've got access to the part numbers that will fix your car, not the numbers suggested by a certain search engine.


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