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VW Transporter T5 / T5.1 / T6 Convenience modules

VW Transporter T5  / T5.1 / T6 Convenience modules

Right, I'll put this as simple as I can.

You cannot take the part number off an old / existing convenience control unit, type that into Google, buy a second hand one with the exact same number and expect it to work. It almost definitely won't.

There's a reason for this, lots of items such as these troublesome convenience units have hidden software codes on them that you cannot get from the part number on the old unit. They are coded at the factory to work only in specific model spec's / build years etc.

The only way to get a working replacement unit is to order a new one after supplying us the reg' number or 17 digit vin, we can then provide you with a 100% compatible unit that will have the correct software on it.

We see tails of people buying (literally) ten second hand convenience modules and wondering why they don't fix the problem, or worse, make things work in ways they shouldn't - like windows going up when you press the switch down and other such issues.

There are hundreds of verions of the software settings for these units, make it easy on yourself, send us the van's details via our Contact Us page here, we'll do the rest.

You can thank us later when your windows are working again :)


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