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VW Transporter T26 T28 T30 T32 explained

VW Transporter T26 T28 T30 T32 explained

This we see a lot online:

  • What's the most power I can get from my T28 ?
  • Best brakes for a T28 ?
  • Best headlight bulbs for a T30 ? (incidentally, they are here ;) )

Soooooooooo, T26 / T28 / T30 / T32 has nothing to do with any of the above. Commercial vehicles are rated based on their allowable gross weight. i.e. fully loaded, with drivers / passengers / fuel and goods in the back what the highest weight can be.

So, a T26 is 2600 kg

T30 3000 kg

T32 3200 kg 

etc etc

(this also applies to the VW Crafter too, i.e. CR30 / 35 / 50 etc)

Vans with higher 'plated weights' can run on the roads at a heavier weight.

So, if you're literally carrying a few tools, paint and a set of ladders in the bank, then a T26 would suit you.

If you're carrying pallet loads of heavy items, then you'll want the T32.

The T32 is the standout model of the Transporter really, it looks identical on the outside but has heavier duty suspension and brakes etc.

There you go, you won't get that five minutes of your life back but hopefully it will help stop the 'plating confusion'

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