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I have a light on my dashboard, how much is that going to cost to fix ?

I have a light on my dashboard, how much is that going to cost to fix ?

Most modern engines run a minimum of 30 sensors, monitoring everything including air temperature, coolant temperature, throttle position, inlet manifold pressure (that's 4, meaning I have 26 more to list and I don't have time today)

Nearly all these sensors send signals to the ECU (engine control unit) and this makes one billion billion trillion (say that bit in a Professor Brian Cox voice) decisions every second.

If any of these sensors or the ECU itself fails, then an orange light will come on, or a red one if it's a STOP NOW fault.

If the sensor that's failed is not a critical one, the ECU can go into limp mode, a basic set of known values which are literally to try and get you home.

Now, a lot of people take a photo of this engine management light, put that photo on Insta or Facebook and ask the community how much it will cost to fix.

Then, 25 different people offer 25 different opinions, based on 25 difference faults on 25 different vehicles. Lots (and we mean lots) of people will blindly go and order some of these parts from suppliers, fit them and they often won't fix the fault.

So, moral of this story is to get your car / van diagnosed professionaly. It will save you money in the long run and get you back on the road quicker.

Or, you can spend your Saturday evening in the rain on your driveway fitting a sensor to your car that failed on Dave from Kettering's car 3 years ago, with predictable results.

Once you've had it diagnosed, we'll supply the 100% correct sensor (or part, or whatever) to fix this fault.

Deutscheparts - genuine (correctly diagnosed) parts, delivered worldwide.

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