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Faraday bags for preventing keyless entry 'relay theft'

Faraday bags for preventing keyless entry 'relay theft'

Relay theft.

This is the modern version of lock picking.

More and more cars are now sold with keyless entry, where you simply carry a fob in your pocket and if you're near your car (or van) then you simply have to touch the door handle and you can get into - and drive - your car.

There's a glitch however, tech' savvy car thieves now have access to relay devices, that will read the code from your fob and then 'relay' it to your car, tricking the car into unlocking and being able to be driven.

As you can see on this Youtube video, this can be done in seconds and no alarms will sound as the car thinks it's being opened by the fob.

One solution to this is these Disklab Faraday bags. These are lined with a signal blocking material which makes relay theft much much less likely.

They won't stop someone breaking into your house for your keys, but they will deter someone looking for a quick theft, which is a positive result.


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