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Locate your car's VIN number

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When contacting us to order parts or accessories for your car or van, we will often ask for either the registration number (for UK or Ireland cars and vans). If your car is not from the UK or Ireland, we will need the 17 digit VIN (or Vehicle Identifcation Number)

On most VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT models this is easily visible. You will find it at the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen (from the outside), in a small viewing window.

If some reason it is not there (or is obscured), then you will find it in one of a few other places

  • Your registration document (from the DVLA for example in the UK)
  • On the inside cover of your service book there is a white data sticker, the VIN is normally across the top of this
  • On a copy of the data sticker, this is often stuck to the boot floor under the boot carpet
  • It is also stamped into the metalwork, most often on the 'scuttle panel' (the metal panel behind the engine, normally where the wiper motor is located)

If you can't locate it in any of these locations, please contact us and we will help you locate it.

Vehicle identification numbers are globally nearly always 17 digits long for example WVWZZZ1JZ9W987654

  • VW normally starts with
      • WVW
      • WV1
      • WV2
      • WVG
    • Audi
      • WAU
      • WUA (RS models normally)
    • Skoda
      • TMB
    • Seat
      • VSS

(these can vary in global markets, so please send what you can see on your car exactly as is it)




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