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Software Parts

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Replacement parts are often classed as 'software coded'. This means that you might have two identical items (window motors for example) side by side, and one will have different software written to it to the other one.

These can include (but are not limited to):

  • Airbag control units
  • Convenience control units
  • Voltage supply units
  • Engine control units
  • Steering column control units / cruise control units
  • Gearbox / mechatronic control units
  • Window motors
  • Brake modules (ABS / ESP etc)
  • Audio and GPS units
  • any many more.....

There is very often no way of knowing what software version you require just from looking at the part number on the item you've removed from your car.

We have the very latest, up to date parts catalogues and these can quickly determine which software version you need for an item to work as intended in your vehicle.

Please note that even if the unit fitted to your vehicle has a part number that matches, or almost matches thie item we're selling, the software version is not visible in your old unit. If you order and fit an incorrectly coded item, you will probably not only not fix your fault, but it's possible you could introduce other faults into your vehicle systems.

We offer a full compatibility checking service, as such we are unable to take back ECUS and electrical items if they've been ordered incorrectly and this will come sealed in a security bag and once this bag is opened, we do not accept this item back for credit. So please do contact us before ordering a software coded item, it makes it easier for us all to sort this out before despatching an incorrect item.

We can check very quickly if this is suitable for your car if you let us have your 17 digit VIN number or UK / Eire registration number.

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