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Audi RS4 06-08 V6 3.2 Lambda Probe behind Catalyst 022906262BQ New Genuine

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Part number:

Alternative part numbers / supersessions:
022 906 262BQ


Audi RS4 06-08 V6 3.2 Lambda Probe behind Catalyst 022906262BQ New Genuine For Cylinders 4-6

Please ensure you have had your car professionally diagnosed and have checked that this item is compatible before ordering as this will arrive in a security sealed bag which once opened will render the item exempt from returns. This part will need to be fitted by a professional workshop.

Please note, there are three or more of these exhaust gas temp sensors fitted to each car, one before the turbo, one after the turbo (but before the DPF filter) and one after the DPF filter. Also, most cars have lambda probes fitted too, so please ensure you know exactly which item you want to order.

The diagram below shows the layout on most cars, but this can differ and these are a minefield to get right, so it's essential that you have a diagnostic printout from the car and know which item(s) you need to replace before ordering from us.

1 - engine
2 - Turbocharger
3 - Catalyst / Catalytic convertor
4 - DPF pressure difference sensor
5 - DPF unit
6 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1 (before turbocharger but normally screwed into the turbo housing)
7 - Can be either a lambda probe or DPF pressure sensor depending on exact model
8 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2 (after turbocharger and before DPF filter unit)
9 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor 3 (after DPF filter unit)

Applications / fitment


EOS 2009 - 2011


A3 2004 - 2013
RS4 2006-2008
RS4 Cabrio 2007 - 2009
R8 2007 - 2012



This is a new, genuine part

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